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OpenEuphoria web site, many of which include extra features such as syntax highlighting.

Distributing a Program

Euphoria provides you with 4 distinct ways of distributing a program.

  • "source-code", with the Euphoria "interpreter"
  • "shroud" into .il code, with Euphoria "backend"
  • "bind" into a Euphoria executable
  • "translate" into a C-compiled executable

In the first way you simply ship your users the interpreter along with your Euphoria source files including any Euphoria includes that may be necessary from the euphoria/include directory. If the Euphoria source files and the interpreter are placed together in one directory then your user can run your program by typing eui followed by the path of your main executable source file. You might also provide a small .bat file so people will not actually have to type the interpreter name. This way assumes that you are willing to share your Euphoria source code with your users.

The Binder gives you two more ways of distribution. You can shroud your program, or you can bind your program. Shrouding combines all of the Euphoria source code that your program needs to create a single .il file. Binding combines your shrouded program with the Euphoria backend (eub or eubw on Windows) to create a single, stand-alone executable file. For example, if your program is called "myprog.ex" you can create "myprog.exe" which will run identically. For more information about shrouding and binding, see Shrouding and Binding.

Finally, with the Euphoria To C Translator, you can translate your Euphoria program into C and then compile it with a C compiler to get an executable program.


Command Line Switches

You can launch Euphoria with some extra command line switches, in order to add or change configuration elements. When running a GUI, there is always some way to open a prompt and enter any text with options, arguments and whatever the program being launched may need for proper, expected operation. Under Windows, this is achieved by clicking the Start button and selecting Run..., or hitting Windows-R.

Command line switches may be changed or added, one at a time.

In the table below, (all) indicates that the given switch applies to the Interpreter, Translator and Binder. Use of (interpreter), (translator) and/or (binder) indicates that the referenced switch applies only to that execution mode.

-BATCH (all)
Executes the program but if any error occurs, the "Press Enter" prompt is not presented. The exit code will be set to 1 on error, 0 on success. This option can also be set via the with batch directive.
-COM dir (translator)
Specifies the include directory for the C compiler once EUPHORIA code is translated.
This should be set such that dir/include/euphoria.h exists.
Displays the copyright banner for euphoria.
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