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Example Programs

Hello, World

The mandatory 'Hello World' program is a one-liner in Euphoria.

puts(1, "Hello, World\n") 

The built-in routine puts does the job of displaying text on a screen. It requires two arguments. The first argument, 1, directs the output to STDOUT or the console. The second argument, is a string of text that will be output.

The result is:

Hello, World 


The following is an example of a more useful Euphoria program.

include std/console.e 
sequence original_list 
function merge_sort(sequence x) 
-- put x into ascending order using a recursive merge sort 
    integer n, mid 
    sequence merged, a, b 
    n = length(x) 
    if n = 0 or n = 1 then 
        return x  -- trivial case 
    end if 
    mid = floor(n/2) 
    a = merge_sort(x[1..mid])       -- sort first half of x 
    b = merge_sort(x[mid+1..n])     -- sort second half of x 
    -- merge the two sorted halves into one 
    merged = {} 
    while length(a) > 0 and length(b) > 0 do 
        if compare(a[1], b[1]) < 0 then 
            merged = append(merged, a[1]) 
            a = a[2..length(a)] 
            merged = append(merged, b[1]) 
            b = b[2..length(b)] 
        end if 
    end while 
    return merged & a & b  -- merged data plus leftovers 
end function 
procedure print_sorted_list() 
-- generate sorted_list from original_list 
    sequence sorted_list 
    original_list = {19, 10, 23, 41, 84, 55, 98, 67, 76, 32} 
    sorted_list = merge_sort(original_list) 
    for i = 1 to length(sorted_list) do 
    	display("Number [] was at position [:2], now at [:2]",  
    	        {sorted_list[i], find(sorted_list[i], original_list), i} 
    end for 
end procedure 
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