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How to manually modify the environment in Windows (ME/98/95/3.1)
  1. In the file c:\autoexec.bat add C:\EUPHORIA\BIN to the list of directories in your PATH command. You might use the MS-DOS Edit command, Windows Notepad or any other text editor to do this.

    You can also go to the Start Menu, select Run, type in sysedit and press Enter. autoexec.bat should appear as one of the system files that you can edit and save.
  2. In the same autoexec.bat file add a new line:
    The EUDIR environment variable indicates the full path to the main Euphoria directory.
  3. Reboot (restart) your machine. This will define your new PATH and EUDIR environment variables.

    Some systems, such as Windows ME, have an autoexec.bat file, but it's a hidden file that might not show up in a directory listing. Nevertheless it's there, and you can view it and edit it if necessary by typing, for example: notepad c:\autoexec.bat in a DOS window.
More on editing environment variables
  • set EUDIR to the location of your Euphoria installation directory.
  • In PATH you need to include %EUDIR%\BIN.
  • There is another, optional, environment variable used by some experienced users of Euphoria. It is called EUINC (see the include statement ). It determines a search path for included files and this variable is used by new and older versions of EUPHORIA. However, for 4.0 and above we now have a "configuration file" for adding include paths and other settings.

Modifying the Registry

Updating the environment is not enough, your old installation will still be called when you open a Euphoria program in explorer or invoke the Euphoria program on the command line without typing in the interpreter (eui euiw). Do not type in the single quotes.

You can set these in regedit (replace C:\EUPHORIA with your Euphoria installation directory):

    => 'EUWinApp' 
    => 'Euphoria Windows App' 
    => 'C:\EUPHORIA\BIN\euiw.exe "%1"' 
    => 'C:\EUPHORIA\BIN\euc.exe "%1"' 
   => 'EUConsoleApp' 
   => 'Euphoria Console App' 
   => 'C:\EUPHORIA\BIN\eui.exe "%1"' 
   => 'C:\EUPHORIA\BIN\euc.exe -con "%1"' 
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.e\(Default) => 'EUInc' 
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\EUInc\(Default) => 'Euphoria Include File' 
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.ew\(Default) => 'EUInc' 

You can also set an editor for your EUPHORIA programs this way: {{{ HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\EUWinApp\shell\edit\command"\(Default)

> 'C:\EUPHORIA\BIN\euiw.exe C:\EUPHORIA\BIN\edx.ex "%1"'


> 'C:\EUPHORIA\BIN\euiw.exe C:\EUPHORIA\BIN\edx.ex "%1"'


> 'C:\EUPHORIA\BIN\euiw.exe C:\EUPHORIA\BIN\edx.ex "%1"'

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