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HippoEDIT is a powerful, fast and easy to use Windows text editor, primarily targeted at power users and programmers. It has modern and lightweight user interface, which supports different interface schemes, Multi Tab environment, seamless web and help browser, File Explorer and Project Explorer, external tools integration and more smart text editor functions.

Syntax File

The syntax file is now hosted in our SVN server, https://rapideuphoria.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/rapideuphoria/tools/editors/hippoedit/. Includes syntax files for Euphoria, ETML and ETAG files.

User Comments

  • jeremy - 2009-07-28 - This seems to be a very nice editor, however it is lacking in macro functionality. I did speak with the author and HippoEDIT 1.5 will have macros, both programmable and recordable. He said that it is a very common request. 1.5 will not be out for another 6 months, but betas will be available sooner than that with the macro support.
  • jeremy - 2010-11-10 - It was announced on the forum (message:113506) that HippoEdit was part of the Giveaway of the Day.
  • ghaberek - 2015-01-30 - HippoEdit was part of a Giveaway of the Day again (message:126541).


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