All these database interfaces are cross-platform.

  1. Euphoria Database System - A versatile and fast database from Rapid Deployment Software.
  2. ODBC Library - From Matt Lewis, this cross-platform (can use UNIX-ODBC) library allows your Euphoria program to access any database that has an ODBC driver (Access, Filemaker Pro, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc.).
  3. EuSQLite - A cross-platform SQLite wrapper originally by Ray Smith, now updated by Chris Burch.
  4. wxEDB - A cross platform database manager from Matt Lewis that uses his wxEuphoria library.
  5. EDBI - From Jeremy Cowgar, an interface for multiple databases (including MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3 and EuSQL). Jeremy's EDBI site.
  6. Other database wrappers are available from the archive.


On page names, do we need to include "Euphoria?" For instance, this page is currently "EuphoriaDatabaseInterfaces," but being as it's in the Euphoria wiki, would it be better named "DatabaseInterfaces?" Is the "Euphoria" redundant?


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