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jeremy said...

The interface is located to the right. It's labeled "Search," has an entry box for the search terms and two buttons, one to "Go" and another for "Options."

The entry box and the Go button are pretty easy to understand. The Options button (opts) will make visible a series of checkboxes. Items that are checked will be searched. Right now possible options are News, Tickets, Forum, Wiki and Manual. All are checked by default. You can search any combination of those items. When searching from the manual the Options box does not appear. The search from the manual will search the manual only.


  • Words of less than four characters are not searched for.
  • Words are not case sensitive.

For example, searching for "socket" will show all sorts of items because every item (almost) contains the words "include socket.e.", thus almost every item appears. Work is being done to make the interface easier to use.

Now, about the actual search query box. It is a full text search. That means you can add modifiers to words and groupings. For example:

Search Box Result
john donne Contains "john" or "donne"
+john donne Contains "john" and entries with "donne" also are ranked higher than those without
+john +donne Contains both "john" and "donne"
+john -donne Contains "john" but does not contain "donne"
+john +(donne smith) Contains "john" and either "donne" or "smith"
+john -(donne smith) Contains "john" and not "donne" or "smith"
john >donne Contains "john" or "donne" but ranks items matching "donne" higher
john <donne Contains "john" or "donne" but ranks items matching "donne" lower
john ~donne Contains "john" and subtract points (but don't omit) items matching "donne"

I'll let your imagination run here. I'm sure that you can figure out all sorts of things from here.



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