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= Welcome to the Official Euphoria Wiki! =
== Welcome to the Official Euphoria Wiki! ==
This site is maintained by users of the Euphoria programming language. If you are a Euphoria programmer, feel free to help us improve this site. We do need help writing articles about various aspects of Euphoria programming and projects. The EditMe page contains a list of pages that need attention.

The wiki markup language used in here is [[Creole ->]] and we have some [[help with how to use creole -> CreoleHelp]]

This wiki is maintained by users of the Euphoria programming language. The following main topics are available:
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* [[Begin Programming]] - Introduction to Programming with Euphoria
* [[Euphoria Overview -> Euphoria]]
* [[Download Euphoria -> DownloadEuphoria ]]
* [[Euphoria 4.0 Development -> EuphoriaDevelopment]]
* [[Euphoria 4.1 Roadmap -> EuphoriaRoadmap]]
* [[Frequently Asked Questions -> FAQ]]
* [[Tips -> Tips]]
* [[How to promote Euphoria! -> PromoteEuphoria]]
* [[Comparing Euphoria -> LanguageComparison ]]
* [[Coding Convention -> CodingConvention]]
* [[Mini Guides -> MiniGuides]]
* [[Text Editors -> Editors]]
* [[Snippits of useful code -> SnippIts]]

* [[Additional Documentation]] - Documentation, tutorials, guides, useful info about using the language.
* [[Rapid Euphoria Site (Commercial) -> ]]
* [[Euphoria Archive ->]]

* [[What are Tickets? -> WhatAreTickets]]
* [[SourceForge Project Page ->]]
* [[IRC Channel -> irc://]]
* [[PasteBin Service ->]]

Euphoria 4.1 has one known problem. The ##switch## statement has a rare, easily avoided bug.
* [[Sandbox]] for experimenting with the markup

* [[Updated Documentation]] Updates in progress: Switch
* [[Euphoria-related sites -> EuphoriaLinks]]
* [[ArtWork]]

==== Archive Rescue

* [[Archive]] Looking for a searchable archive? Links to the preserved user contributions archives are here.

==== Development
* [[OpenEuphoria Development]] - Information about the development team, project goals and proposals, promotion strategies, development status, and official resources on the web.

* [[OpenEuphoria GUI-Editor (WEE) ->]] - Information about a superb cross-platform code editor. Features include context sensitive help, syntax high lighting, identifier code completion, subroutine listing, automatic if/while/for/procedure/function expansion, jump to subroutine declaration and much more. Reguires OpenEuphoria 4.1 beta or later.

* [[OpenEuphoria GUI (EuGTK) -> eugtk]] - Information about an excellent full featured cross-platform GUI library for OpenEuphoria 4.1.

* [[OpenEuphoria GUI (IUP) -> IUP]] - Information about the progress of developing an officially-supported GUI library.

* [[OpenEuphoria GUI (Win32Lib) -> Win32Lib]] - Win32Lib tweaked for use with Euphoria 4.1, along with IDE 1.04

* [[Projects based on Euphoria]] - Applications and libraries written in Euphoria and websites related to Euphoria.

* [[Euphoria Links -> EuphoriaLinks]] - Euphoria-related sites.

* [[OpenEuphoria on the Raspberry Pi -> RaspberryPi]] - Information about running Euphoria on the Raspberry Pi and related libraries or projects

* [[Other Topics]] - Other topics Euphoria programmers may be interested in.

* [[Contact Administrators]] - Email one or all administrators directly.

==== Benchmarking Game

* [[Calculate Pi]]

==== Comparing Computer Languages

[[ language comparison -> compare_languages ]]

==== Euphoria is Really Good For. . .

[[ or, why use Euphoria -> really_good_for ]]

==== Documentation for Next Euphoria Release

* you can edit
* you can leave comments for what you wish fixed
* add suggestions
* no need to create a `ticket`
* does not have to be fancy
* the specialized work of formatting and uploading to the repository will be done by me... _tom

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==== Editable Euphoria Documentation

[[ Hints on editing ]]

[[ oE Documentation ]]

[[ oE standard library documentation ]]

==== Home Page

Suggested revision to the website home page.

[[ mock-up -> home_page_mockup ]]

If you are a Euphoria programmer, feel free to help us improve this site. The wiki markup language used in here is [[Creole ->]] and we have some [[help with how to use creole -> CreoleHelp]].


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