Euphoria Ticket #920: add 64/32 bit build text to version_string output

currently there is no indication of build bits from bugreport.ex because it calls version_string()

 eui -v or --version does output 32/64 bit 


Type: Task Severity: Textual Category: Bundled Utility
Assigned To: ne1uno Status: New Reported Release:
Fixed in SVN #: View VCS: none Milestone: 4.1.0

1. Comment by mattlewis Feb 02, 2015

We should probably use version_string_long().

2. Comment by ne1uno Feb 03, 2015

is there any reason not to update bin/bugreport.ex 4.06 with version_string_long()? it does give extra info but takes nothing away

3. Comment by SDPringle Dec 02, 2015

version_string_long(1) does not return a string indicating I am using a 32-bit version of Euphoria.

4. Comment by SDPringle Dec 02, 2015

This is not a valid 4.0 ticket. It should have a 4.1 milestone because outputing register size is something not in 4.0. version_long_string(1) doesn't indicate 32/64 bit on Euphoria 4.0 but it does on 4.1.

5. Comment by jimcbrown Dec 02, 2015

version_string_long() is also missing the arch - i.e. x86 vs ARM

6. Comment by ne1uno Jan 07, 2017

eui source/dis.ex prog

Stack space mismatch! memory.e:free_code Reserved[8] Required[9] Stack space mismatch! info.e:version_string_long Reserved[5] Required[6]

Eu 410 b2-x64\


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