Euphoria Ticket #802: Linux position()

The ed.ex editor positions the cursor incorrectly when the editor opens.

I have applied the "work around" developed by J.Brown to ed.ex and search.ex; at least the demos do not look strange. This as been uploaded to mercurial.

A real fix is needed but outside of my abilities.



Type: Bug Report Severity: Normal Category: Interpreter
Assigned To: unknown Status: New Reported Release: 4.0.5
Fixed in SVN #: View VCS: none Milestone:

1. Comment by K_D_R Nov 12, 2012

In regard to the implementation of J. Brown's patch/work around code in the files ed.ex and search.ex, the patch code is inserted a line or two, too late. In ed.ex the code should be included just after the last include statement and before the constant assignments for TRUE and FALSE ( instead of after):

Likewise, in search.ex, the patch code with the include std/get.e statement should precede the comment lines describing the "skip-list" code; otherwise the comments seem a bit out of place.

2. Comment by K_D_R Nov 12, 2012

Regarding a "real fix": Jim Brown in forum posts described the problems addressed by his patch code as two slightly different bugs located in the same code region - he mentions the file "be_w.c".

Regarding the search.ex bug: "It looks like what's happening is that we aren't updating our internal line count, screen_line, in be_w.c when gets(0) is called. As a result, we miss the newline at the end and our line count is off by one for each gets(0) call."

Regarding the ed.ex bug - "The issue here is that we never initialize the position of the screen when we start up by reading it from the terminal, instead we assume it's at 1,1 (the top of the screen)."

I assume by his comment "same region of code", he means that the failure to initialize screen position bug which effects ed.ex may be found or "fixed" in the file, "be_w.c" near where the internal line count(bug) , screen_line, needs to be updated when gets(0) is called.

Reference: search.ex internal line count bug: ed.ex failure to initiate screen position:


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