Euphoria Ticket #757: eutest should look in standard places for some command line files

Currently, eutest just looks for a file in the -euc, -eub, -eubind, and -eui switches relative to the current directory. This means that if I type "-euc euc.exe" and "euc.exe" is not in the current directory, the command fails.

I propose that eutest first look in the standard places as defined by the "locate_file()" function, and failing that do as it does now.

Of course, entering a fully qualified name overrides any file searching.

Further more, in the Windows environment, if the file on the command line doesn't have and extension then ".exe" should be used for the above switch options.

All this means is the if I type "-euc euc" then eutest will use the euc.exe in the normal path.


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1. Comment by mattlewis Mar 17, 2012

This makes sense to me, except that when a relative path is given, it should search using the relative path from the current directory, then use locate_file() function (or would locate_file() do that already?)

2. Comment by DerekParnell Mar 17, 2012

The locate_file looks at the following places in this order ...

  • The current directory
  • The directory that the program is run from.
  • The directory in $HOME ($HOMEDRIVE & $HOMEPATH in Windows)
  • The parent directory of the current directory
  • The directories returned by include_paths()
  • $EUDIR/bin
  • $EUDIR/docs
  • $EUDIST/
  • $EUDIST/etc
  • $EUDIST/data
  • The directories listed in $USERPATH
  • The directories listed in $PATH

3. Comment by SDPringle Mar 17, 2012

Do we want it to look in the PATH or all of these other places locate_file looks in?


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