Euphoria Ticket #652: Problem using GET_LONG_ANSWER in std/get.e routines.

If get or value is used from std/get.e the results are as expected using GET_SHORT_ANSWER even with long comments before the value.

However, with GET_LONG_ANSWER, long comments before a value can result in a return status of GET_NOTHING and a loss of the value. With get, using where shows that the scan of the input file stopped long before the value.

Also, a minor niggle is that the manual says that get returns useful information in the third and fourth elements, but these are always -1,-1.

The system is Windows XP.


Type: Bug Report Severity: Normal Category: Library Routine
Assigned To: unknown Status: New Reported Release: 4.0.0
Fixed in SVN #: View VCS: none Milestone:


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