Pastey Exorcism Tutorial: Acronym

include std/sequence.e
include std/text.e 
include std/console.e 
function acronym( sequence phrase ) 
    phrase = split( phrase ) 
    phrase = trim( upper(phrase) ) 
    for i=1 to length(phrase) do 
        phrase[i] = phrase[i][1] 
    end for 
    return join(phrase, "") 
end function 
sequence s1 = "Portable network Graphics" 
display(  acronym( s1 )  ) 

1. Comment by petelomax in October

Minor variation

function acronym(string phrase) 
--  return upper(vslice(split(trim(phrase)),1)) 
-- Or, while the above style might appeal to some,  
--  it is harder to debug than the following, and 
--  in actual fact it would never run any faster. 
    phrase = trim(phrase) 
    sequence res = split(phrase) 
    res = vslice(res,1) 
    res = upper(res) 
    return res 
end function  
?acronym("Portable network Graphics")   -- "PNG" 
-- Note that vslice() has been mopdified in 0.8.2+ to yield a string, when it can. 

Also, Phix does not have a display() routine, and any include std/ lines should (ideally) be surrounded by --/* and --*/.