GEN lib2 v1.10 for Euphoria 3.1.1 --- Shian Lee

GEN lib2 v1.10 for Euphoria 3.1.1 116K Shian Lee

lib2 is an extended library for Euphoria 3.1.1. It includes Machine2 1.06, String 1.01, Math 1.00, Datetime 1.20, Random 1.00, Utf8 2.02, Matheval.e 1.00, and more. It is an original code with more then 150 elementary routines for any platform. It includes standard user manual for each library, Edu ASCII/UTF-8 editor 2.05 with syntax coloring and help for lib2, and also an Install program. Jan 22: matheval.e for evaluating a math expression (see MATH.DOC); and new features in edu editor.

Version 1.20 here, while rapideuphoria archives are down:


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