As discussed in http://openeuphoria.org/forum/m/130909.wc the current, RDS derived OpenEuphoria codebase (written in big chunks in C) is being dropped. Going forward, this site will support the use and active development of Phix.

The old code will remain public and available for download, mainly for reference and historical reasons, but don't expect any new releases based on it anytime in the forseeable future.

1. Comment by ne1uno Apr 01, 2017

you're the official language of the euphoria community

  • as discussed? do you even English? as they used to say, check the dosage man

2. Comment by jimcbrown Apr 01, 2017

"as discussed?"

Yes, see 4. at http://www.dictionary.com/browse/discussed

"do you even English?"

Do you? Since when is English a verb in English?

3. Comment by ne1uno Apr 01, 2017

once again a no answer semantics at best answer you're losing it

4. Comment by ne1uno Apr 01, 2017

to clarify, pretty sure nobody appointed you representative voted any such action was given enough time to comment or login or get unmoderated in time would agree to bury any such change on a Saturday there's more but you get the gist

5. Comment by DerekParnell Apr 02, 2017

What date was this news item posted on?

6. Comment by ne1uno Apr 03, 2017

just like removing windows support started off as an off hand comment joke. lets see the last commit reverted. then I'll believe it's a joke.

7. Comment by DerekParnell Apr 03, 2017

If it's not removed within 8 hours from now (Midnight in Melbourne, Australia), I'll remove it myself.


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