Euphoria 4.0.0 Release Candidate 1 - Released!

The first public release of 4.0 was alpha 1 which came on Nov 27, 2008. Today after nearly 2 years of hard work, 3 months after our last beta release, we have arrived at our first release candidate. The development team believes it has been worth the wait. Now is the time to join in for the final stages of 4.0.

This release candidate marks the point in which no more changes will be made unless absolutely necessary. From here on out it's only bug fixes. However, we hope not too many! Now bundled with 4.0 is wiki:EuTest which we have used for some time with 4.0 development. Included with Euphoria in the test directory is over 3,200 tests in over 128 different major categories that tests the internals of Euphoria and the brand new standard library. The bundled utility wiki:EuCoverage shows that 86% of lines of code in our standard library is tested in an automated manner. Moving forward toward the final release of 4.0 the goal is to have that number to 100%.

Speaking of, the standard library has over 800 public members ranging from simple helpers such as iif() to more complex methods such as full sockets interface, http access, regular expressions, dictionary map structures and much more. To help you navigate this new territory we now have full text searchable documentation, offline downloadable HTML documentation and finally a nicely formatted PDF document for easy reading and printing. Detailed information about downloads is always available at: Download Euphoria.

Please join in with others, help test and make Euphoria 4.0 the best release ever. You can download 4.0.0.RC1 in a variety of formats including source releases as well as binary releases for all of our major platforms. Linux and Windows binaries are available now. FreeBSD and OS/X binaries will be posted shortly as the builders check in.

Please enjoy this new monumental milestone for the Euphoria developer community... Download Euphoria

1. Comment by DerekParnell Nov 08, 2010

Well done guys. Go get some sleep now. smile

2. Comment by jeremy Nov 08, 2010

FreeBSD binary package is now available. See Download Euphoria for all the links.

3. Comment by tbohon Nov 08, 2010

Incredibly exciting guys ... you've done yeoman's work and deserve a huge thank you from the community!

4. Comment by eumario Nov 08, 2010

Mac OS X Installer is now available. See Download Euphoria for the links.


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