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>> I am developing a program that will be widely distributed.
>> If the interpreter(?) discovers an error, it displays an error
>> message telling the user that the source program is over 300 lines
>Someone else brought this up just before v1.4 was released, so I didn't
>have time to deal with it. I think what I'll do unless someone can
>suggest a better idea, is to add a library routine that you can
>call that will establish the message to be displayed if a run-time
>error occurs. This would be done for v1.4a which might be out in a few
>weeks or so. You might call this routine more than once in your program
>if (say) you want to change the message based on your program having completed
>at least part of it's task. This routine may be helpful to those who are
>over 300 statements but are trying to avoid registering, but that's ok I guess
> smile

Good idea, but not quite the right spin.  I am developing the program
in Euphoria.  My version of Euphoria *is* registered.  I am binding
my pgm and distributing it to people who are not programmers,
and have no desire to become programmers.  When I bind the program,
the P.D. version of Euphoria is attached to the binary.

When users of my program experience an error in my program, they
get the message that tells them they can insert print statements
or buy the complete edition of Euphoria.  Of course, they have no idea
what a Euphoria programming language is, they don't want the complete
edition, & it would not help them solve the problem in my program.

As a Euphoria user, I could not tell that Euphoria was developed
in Watcom C.  (I am sure there are finger prints if I knew where
to look for them.)  I don't get error msgs from Watcom, if Euphoria
is broke, I don't go to Watcom for support...

I would prefer that Euphoria would provide something like PL/1's
ON ERROR structure.  The syntax is something like


In the event of an error, the last executed ON ERROR gets control.

Thanks for the consideration,

John Kinne

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