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Hello everyone,
I'm back on the list after a break of about 6 months due to moving to new
city, getting new (& different) job & ISP & email address etc..
I have an idea for a windows euphoria editor - my design, natch. Already
some of the base code has been written for storing an open/new file in
memory. Instead of a 2-d sequence which has each charactyer stored as an
integer (occupying 4 bytes) there would be a 1-d sequence with encoded(see
below for definition) and packed data. Of course the editor would be able to
have as many files "open" as the user wanted - the only limit would being
Euphoria's use of memory.
"Encoded" refers to my idea of analysing each line (as typed or read from
file) into a form which is almost identical to the output of the
BuildColorLine() routine in EX12.exw
The size of the encoded packed data (in BYTES) roughly equates to the size
of the raw text file, ie 1 byte per character.From memory, i think
Win32lib.ew was able to be stored at 98% ( or was it 103%) of actual size
using my system.

I have a crude demo program to show the design of the editor and it was
influenced somewhat by Mike Carroll's editor. Most of the controls in the
demo program don't work or work very poorly/incompletely.
I have posted the zipped demo files to the newsgroup.
The finished product would (in addition to the basic editor):

Run *any* Euphoria code *.e, *.ex, *.exw etc..
Be able to time any routine/s with just a few mouse clicks
Have a quick comment function, ie 1) select line/s 2) click COMMENT button
.. that also uncomments just as quickly
Have fast text creation abilities - check out HELP button in demo
Be an excellent opportunity for preprocessing buffs
NOT be cluttered with duplicate processes
Possibly/eventually have a variable name list that could be in a popup
window to assist input if not recollection

Now, your probably thinking : Do we really need yet another editor? Well,
why can't we have an editor that does everything it should. I use Mike
Carroll's editor but it's limited to file size, sometimes confuses the
colour coding and doesn't properly handle the colour of lines like:

include gets.e

But, to make this proposed high performance beast I need help. Are there any
programmers who are fluent enough to take control of a part of this project
and have time available? I suppose the areas of responsibilities would be:

1. The actual editor/screen manipulation and oversight of subsidiary
processes(including allocating work as below)
2. Data storage/retrieval - virtually done by me
3. a.processes like selecting another (already open) data file - similar to
Carrolls but at top of screen
3. b.processes like generating the timing code
3. c.processes like managing the variable name list
4. Well designed OPTIONS window - see demo
5. Possibly have pre-processing facilities

I personally do not feel confident to have oversight of this project, but at
the same time I would prefer my ideas to be fulfilled - Can't win, eh?

Even if no-one on the list volunteers to help I am sure that the 1-d encoded
packed data idea is worthwhile for any new editor. Incidentally, the
existence of a variable name list would reduce the data file still more as
each name/label (over a certain size) could be replaced by an index integer.

Yours Truly

vulcan at

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