Coding Conflicts in FileList.e & Ed.ex

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Jac and All,

I am not meaning to pick on Jacques, but his Filelist.e has
exposed some serious problems that we very much need
to explore if we are to successfull share code, and in the
process, expand on the usability of Euphoria.

I have spent a good deal of time today trying to integrate
both Jacque's and Fred's file selection functions into the
Euphoria Editor.

Fred's code worked 1st time thru, but lacks the ability to
set a starting point, and REQUIRES a mouse (i hate mouses).
so i moved on to Jacques code, which i liked very much in
the test mode.

Unfortunately, i ran into another coding conflict immediately
when i tried to integrate it into ED.EX.  ChooseFile() calls
WILDCARD.E (is this jacques code or someone elses?).
Wildcard.e attempts to redefine LOWER() function which
is already defined in ED.EX  Upon closer examination, i find
that there are several instances of this type of conflict in the
include files from various Euphoria authors.

Problem:  in a nut shell, if we are to share code/functions
and extend the euphoria language in the process, we should
identify common function like UPPER, LOWER or LCASE,
UCASE, MIN, MAX and many others.  Perhaps, develop a
schema for naming project/program files, and include files.

i would be interested in others thought on this subject.
Lucien T. Elliott
Warwick Information Technology
29 Hawthorn Avenue
Warwick, NY 10990
(914) 986 5139
URL //
EMAIL lucien at

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