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On Fri, 4 Oct 1996 22:02:56 -0600 Monty King
>---------------------- Information from the mail header
>Sender:       Euphoria Programming for MS-DOS
>Poster:       Monty King <kinm at MAILHOST.CYBERHIGHWAY.NET>
>Subject:      Not sure what this is(does)
>        Hi everyone,  I know this is probably a stupid question, but I
>always beleived stupid questions to be the ones you never asked, so
>here goes...
>In these lines of Euphoria code:
>for i=1  to 30 by 1 do--number of bitmap (+1 for indexing in sequence
>for poop = 1 to (length(tank[i]))  do
>    for aloop = 1 to 29  do--length of bmp file
>        a=tank[i][poop][(aloop)]
>Which are out of Michael Packard's tank demo program,  what does the
>"(" and ")"
>around the "aloop" in the last line do?  I understand that a is an
>atom, and
>have read the ref manual twice again and even browsed the library
>file,  but
>can't find a reference to using parenthesis as a selector.  Is this
>specify the atom inside of that slice?
>P.S. the rem lines are added in by me, and are not necesarily right,
>just trying to figure out what all these lines do,  I am wanting to
>down his virtual window, which doesn't look to hard, just more lines
>of code
>to select particular slices,  but have this BIG question.
>Thanks in advance.
>Monty King
I'm (very) new to the list, and I was hoping you could tell me where i
could get come .EX files to study...  I have tried multiple times to
write in Euphoria, but to no avail, so my last-ditch effort is to gather
as much source as I can to analyze...  The only Inet access I have is
EMail, so if you (or if you know someone who would) could send me some
code, or if you know a way I can get it via email, I'd owe ya big...

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