where is everybody?

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Its been days since I've seen any messages from you guys on whet we're
doing?  I need your feedback for OUR course project to be OUR course project.

Last Week I gave you 3 group participation assignments:

1) We need to choose our Project Codename.  Any other Item or character
names are also up for grabs.  I rather like Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and
clyde, but "Packy" could use a good name. (i.e. one that DOESN'T suck)

2) We need to come up with 5 more bonus objects and assign point values.
A bonus object appears somewhere in the maze and animates while it waits
for packy to eat it.  The animations could be anything we can do and undo
in 5 frames or less, like blinking eyes, spinning in place, sticking its
tongue out, whatever.

3) We need to comu up with 10 "intermission" animation ideas. Every 2 or
3 mazes we'll have a 10 second animation starring Packy and the Ghosts.
They could be practically ANYTHING, but Packy MUST always escape unhurt.

In the orginal game, the first anim shows packy being chased by blinky
starting off the right side of the screen, across right to left then
offscreen, after a second we see blinky again running left to right being
chased by a HUGE Packy.

I want to do funny anims. If you guys want to play with some ideas,
download the pacman1.zip file and look how I draw the sprites. If you
have any questions, send em.

This week's lesson is postponed until I get some feedback and ideas for
the items above.  I'm also recovering from a hell extended weekend
(thurs-tues) finishing up my book on slot machines. see

for info on that.

Author, artist, programmer, and slot jockey.

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