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At 06:29 PM 3/26/97 -0800, you wrote:

Hey! I'm the one supposed to start these arguments!!  :)

Just kidding. This on got a little bit seroius, though. When I seen 47
messages in my E-Mail box with half having the title "money", I though it
was my lucky day, but it turns out someone else is coming down on good ol'
Packard about plugging his Reference. I think the real problem here wasn't
that Packard mentioned his book, it's just that for awhile there Packard was
replying to EVERY question saying "see his book". I didn't mind that (too
much), but saying the reference is a "MUST HAVE" for any serious graphics
programmer is a bit of league. However, he made up for that by delivering
that VERY useful response to virtual pages, which was rather nice of him
considering the code was from the engine he is trying to sell with his
Reference. One problem I have been noticing here is that we get so blown off
at each other so easily (I know, I do it too). E-Mail is definetly NOT the
best form of communication. Another thing that upset me in reading these
messages was the almost-forceful messages of sharing code. If someone writes
good code, it is their right whether they want to share it or not, and we
are actually PRIVILEDGED if they do. Just my thoughts for now. If you don't
know what side I'm on, neither do I. :)

Did you actually read all that?  :)
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