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When the nesting gets three ">" characters deep, things are getting out of

I tried to be very specific in my example about your book. The first, and
only option to the person inquiring (about virtual screens, I think) was to
buy your resource. Not even a /hint/ on how to go about coding it.

At a minimum, a first attempt should be made, like your excellent discussion
about virtual screens today. If nothing else, it proves to the person how
MUCH they need the resource after they've tried coding it themselves.

If something clearly takes more than a five minute explanation (for example,
using Mode X), or it's obvious that the question cannot possibly be answered
without a reference work (like building a complete game engine), I'm all in
favor of a resource being suggested instead of code being offered.

But even then, there is a lot of good, free code (and tutorials) for C and
BASIC that's not too hard to translate to Euphoria.

And now, some side notes...

> Its really frustrating to have people like you go off at me after all the
> work, especially when you haven't gone to the extremes I have to share
> what I know. ... For you to go off at me for what I'm doing is unfair.

I not trying to "going off" at you, and I'm not trying to be unfair. I
certainly admire and appreciate the work that you've done, and know that
you've put quite a lot of hard work into your games and tutoring. You are
quite entitiled to whatever compensation you want from it. I've tried to
stress this point several times, and I'm saying it again.

> That's plain not true and you know it.  I get MANY questions from people
> who haven't a clue about how to get going with it.  I ask many questions
> about things I have no clue about how to get going with.

There was no intent to deceive. I speak from my own experiences, and you
from yours. Very little of the code that I write does much interfacing with
the hardware. It's all pretty much "pure" Euphoria.

Video games, on the other hand, deal with a lot more obscure hardware calls:
DMA moves to the sound card, setting the registers of the video card and so
on. It's a whole other ballgame, and I can see that your experience is
different from mine.

> You completely miss the point.

What else is new?

> You're ideal is for us to not produce anything useful, just give vague
> answers and hard to understand code snippets.

That pretty much summarizes my whole philosophy. ;)

> I've read your code snippets, but I am no closer to doing it myself.
> What you've done is make a VERY cool toy for us to play with, which is
> an achievement, but it doesn't help anyone LEARN how to do it.  They
> just look at what you've accomplished and go "oooo!"

Was this backhanded compliment really called for?

 -- David Cuny

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