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At 02:18 PM 3/25/97 -0500, you wrote:
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>Sender:       Euphoria Programming for MS-DOS <EUPHORIA at
>Poster:       Joshua Milligan <silverlaser at HOTMAIL.COM>
>Subject:      WIN 32's
>    This is my first time to post a message here, so this is just as much a
>as anything else.  However, I was also curious - there has been a lot of talk
>about Win32's (which aparently are capable of extending the capabilities of
>Windows 3.x to handle 32 bit applications maybe?).  I plan to get a new machine
>this summer anyway, so hopefully I'll be ready for the rumored 32-bit Windows
>version of Euphoria, but if anyone knows where I can get these Win32's or could
>give me more information I would apreciate it.  Thank you in advance.
>Joshua Milligan
>silverlaser at
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Ok, I have seen a lot of people wondering about WIN32s and WIN95/NT
compatability.  Here are the FACTS about WIN32s (notice the 's' at the end).
WIN32s is a SUBSET of the WIN32 library that WIN95/NT uses.  WIN32s will
allow WIN 3.1/WFW 3.11 to run SOME WIN32 programs.  Because WIN32s is only a
subset of WIN32, most of the new software that requires WIN95 will still
need WIN95 to run, because they use WIN32 API's not supported by WIN32s.
But it never hurts to install WIN32s and try the WIN95 programs, because
some of them could probably run under WIN 3.1/WFW 3.11.

If a WIN95 version of Euphoria is planned, writing it using the WIN32s API's
will allow use by ALL Window's users, rather than just those who have WIN95.
But, to take full advantage of WIN95, thoughts of compatability will
probably have to be left behind.

If anyone else has more info than this, please share it with everyone.  In
particular, let us know which WIN95 programs will run under WIN 3.1/WFW 3.11
using WIN32s (if you care to spend the money buying WIN95 software without
haveing WIN95 to run them in).  Personally, I have not found a compelling
reason to 'downgrade' my system to WIN95, other than not being able to run
the newest games.  Currently, my 486 running OpenDOS 7.01/WIN 3.1 is setup
just the way I like it, and I won't change it until I absolutely HAVE to.

James Powell.

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