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> This can be even more subtle. There have been a number of times where
> have requested information, and instead of being given a useful answer,
> been referred to Michael's book. This also seems against the spirit of
> group.
>  -- David Cuny

Seeing that I was one of the people who recommended Michael's book
publically to someone interested in understanding the concept of virtual
pages, allow me to explain.

If I feel there is a source of information that could prove useful to
someone's work, I'll advertise it to that person. It doesn't matter to me
if it it a free FAQ on a web site or a guide available in a bookstore. It's
a source of information and information is something to be shared freely on
the Internet. In other words, what the spirit of this listserv is about. I
have Michael's book. It is useful in the understanding of virtual pages in
the work I am doing. I felt that person asking could benefit from his

It's not anything different than what happened to me a few months back when
I asked the author of an Assembler support web page for some example code.
I am not as fluent in Assembler as I am in other langauges so I asked for
help. He recommended an Assembler intro book available in any Coles
bookstore that was chock full of example code. I didn't feel slighted by
being pointed to a commercial source of information. Instead, I promptly
purchased the book. The author of that web page later received a large
collection of web page wallpaper images as my expression of thanks for his

However, if anyone thought I was trying to promote a corporate theme in
this listserv, please accept my apologies, as this was not the case.

David Gay
"A Beginner's Guide To Euphoria"

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