Re: Hypatia 3.0

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irv said...

Sorry, but you are the one who bought a consumer-grade computer desgned to deliver "content" - YouTube and Amazon shopping - instead of a commercial-grade one designed to operate sensors and machinery.

Sorry, but what commercial grade computer do you mean that does not have the same usb and sata and lan ports this one has? Plus, due to hardware, i was able to use a consumer grade C64 to monitor an industrial Modicon , and provide hourly and shift prinouts, and a sliding time window thru the latest database of over 100 sensor inputs to it. The Modicon vendor was unable to provide that data, the machine oem that made the machine was clueless, and IBM said the Modicon inputs could not be monitored and declined the job.

irv said...

You are the one who insists on using an operating system that was never stable enough nor designed to do what you want it to do.

Then why is it every nix user i know is down more than i am? Why is it more people use windows at home than any other OS?

irv said...

You made a choice to reject any information or advice from people who are actually building and using things that do what you claim you want to do.

No one to blame but you, is there?

You are right, i should never have started with Euphoria, because it is all those things you just put down Windows for. It's unstable, buggy, and isn't designed to do anything but virtual online stuff.


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