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jimcbrown said...

Err? Seems like that should work. I can enter text from my keyboard all the time and have it read by stdio.

I also think irv's extremely thorough explanation on why modern computers are deliberately handicapped in terms of things like direct access to these sort of things, makes a lot of sense and is quite relevant.

katsmeow said...

What i cannot figure out is why is useless except with DIN-9 connectors

This is the time of USB

In fact I use Eu with my USB keyboard all the time, and have no problem with this. I just let the OS do all the work and present the input as stdin to Eu.

In both cases, i mean as a generic interface, not specifically made for only a Centronics printer or 102-key HID.

One great reason i had for data logging was an intermittant electrical issue with my 35 year old car. A few days ago it became less intermittant, and the car had to be carried home. If i had the logger, i'd be able to rewind events and get a clue closer to the problem. While parked on the side of the highway, two local morons stopped, both agreed the camshaft wasn't turning, neither thought to open the filler cap and simply look at the rocker arms to verify they were wrong. Neither could figure that the pistons moving with valves hung open would be very noisey. It reminded me of the way a committee here must decide if i know what i want and if it's a good idea or not. No one has a whatever, so having one must be a stupid idea. 640k is enough for anyone. Like me talking about cell phone in 1975, the rebuttal was no one has one, and you could always use the pay phone down at the gas station.


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