Re: Bass Library?

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ron77 said...
Icy_Viking said...

If you want to make an updated wrapper for the Bass library go for it. I thought about making a wrapper myself, but I already made a wrapper for SoLoud.

You can use it with 64-bit Euphoria, you just need to use the 64-bit DLL along with 64-bit euphoria. I need to update it for use with Greg's FFI library, but it still works well. I guess I should say .so or shared library file in your case since you're under Linux. My OS is Windows, but I do have WSL installed. So I can test for both Windows and Linux. I'm a 64-bit OS myself, but I use the 32-bit version of DLLs or shared libraries for compatibility reasons.

hi Ice_viking :) I tried SoLoud Library wrapper I downloaded the 64 bit dll with SDL.dll from SoLoud Library site and tried the "flags.e" file I got an error :(

/home/ronen/Documents/euphoria/EuSoLoud-main/EuSoLoud.ew:40 in function Soloud_create()  
c_proc/c_func: bad routine number (-1)  
... called from /home/ronen/Documents/euphoria/EuSoLoud-main/Ex.exw:8  
--> See ex.err  
(program exited with code: 1) 
Press return to continue 

any clue what I'm doing wrong? i tried to look for the .so libs for linux but all I found was dll files 86x and 64x I'm using the 64x dll...

Well here is the Soloud github.

You may have to build it from source for the .so files. The reason you're getting the bad routine id error is because you're probably using the 32-bit DLL on a 64-bit Euphoria. You'll need to use the 64-bit DLL/.so for it to work properly. You'll want the "Soloud_x64.DLL" instead of the "Soloud_x86.DLL" I should probably add in the 64-bit DLL. So users can pick between the 32 or 64-bit DLL.

include std/machine.e 
include std/dll.e 
include std/os.e 
atom sol 
ifdef WIN32 then --change WIN32 to WINDOWS 
	sol = open_dll("soloud_x86.dll") -- change to soloud_x64.dll for 64-bits 
	elsifdef LINUX or FREEBSD then 
	sol = open_dll("") --change to for 64-bits 
end ifdef 

Or since you're on Linux, you could probably just do this

include std/dll.e 
public atom sol = 0 
ifdef LINUX or FREEBSD then 
  sol = open_dll("") 
end ifdef 
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