[OT] Energy costs, Russell Brand rant, and dontpay.uk

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Completely off topic, but sometimes things are just too outrageously wrong to keep quiet about.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJuEb1o3TQ8 [feel free to post rebuttals and/or alternative views]

It does not help that when asked about Shell's recent £12bn profits, and the predicted 1 in 3 UK citizens
being plunged in fuel poverty, our soon-to-be-PM Liz Truss simply replied "profit is not a dirty word".
I, for one, cannot understand how a £400 handout, to everyone, including those that don't need it,
can possibly cover a rate cap hike equating to over 4 times that now, and 9 times that next year.

My own sole dream is to end the now ridiculous dependency of electricity on gas prices. This is not a new idea:
Comforting to know our government has once again swiftly swung into complete inaction.

If you or anyone you know are going to end up in debt anyway, it may as well be sooner and in unison: https://dontpay.uk/

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