Re: work begins on RedyCode 2.0

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I am now working on my own scripting language! For now, it's called RedyScript. It is based on Euphoria syntax but more simplistic. So far, I have a working tokenizer and I am making progess on a parser. The parser will feed into a virtual machine runtime engine. Eventually, I’d like to make a C version of the runtime engine which will allow faster execution and true multi-threading. It would also be possible to make a transpiler, to convert the programs to other languages (convert to C and compile with GCC, for example).

The runtime engine will be able to run multiple programs at the same time, which can be tokenized, parsed, run, scheduled, paused, or killed at any time. Programs can communicate with each other and the host program.

There will be integrated debugging and control features, so the host program knows if a program has a syntax error and can't run, or if it has a runtime error (crash), with access to all program data. An important feature is: it will not have any command line commands at all! It will be pure API calls for a host program to use.

RedyCode 2.0 will be the "ultimate" host program, demonstrating a fully-integrated editor that understands everything about the program you are editing/running, because it will communicate with the scripting engine in real-time.

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