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Hi Pete, thanx for having a stab at it. this sounds stupid, but I am trying to port most of my stuff, that I use regulary, to be able to work with phix. I just love it.

Here the nums:

Version 1.0.1 (64 bit Windows) Copyright Pete Lomax 2006..2016 
DLL - made with Pascal - Lazarus (x64): 
64 Bit 
00000080 signature                     x4 PE\0\0          (should be "PE\0\0") 
00000084 machine                       h2 8664h           amd64 
00000086 sections                      2  9               Number of sections 
00000088 Date TimeStamp                h4 00000000h       Jan 1st 1970 00:00:00 
0000008( PointerToSymbolTable          h4 00000000h 
00000090 NumberOfSymbols               h4 00000000h 
00000094 SizeOfOptionalHeader          h2 OOFOh 
00000096 Characteristics               h2 222eh           EXEC+DLL-LINES?-DEBUG+LARGE_ADDR 
00000098 Magic                         h2 0208h           64bit 
0000009A MajorUnkerVersion             hl 03h             3.20 
00000098 MinorlinkerVersion            hl 14h 
0000009A SizeOfCode                    h4 000324D0h 
000000AO SizeOflnitializedData         h4 00003064h 
000000A4 SizeOfUninitializedOata       h4 00004FD8h 
000000A8 AddressOfEntryPoint           h4 00001C10h 
000000AC 8aseOfCode                    h4 00001000h 
00000080 lmageBase                     h8 110000000h 
00000088 SectionAlignment              h4 00001000h 
000000BC FileAlignment                 h4 00000200h 
000000C0 MajorOperating.SystemVersion  h2 0004h          4.0 
000000C2 MinorOperatingSystemVersion   h2 0000h 
000000C4 MajorlmageVersion             h2 0001h          1.0 
000000C6 MinorlmageVersion             h2 0000h 
000000C8 MajorSubsystemVersion         h2 0004h          4.0 
000000CA MinorSubsystemVersion         h2 0000h 
000000CC Win32VersionValue             h4 00000000h 
000000DO SizeOflmage                   h4 00059000h 
000000D4 SizeOfHeaders                 h4 00000400h 
000000D8 CheckSum                      h4 00000000h 
000000DC Subsystem                     h2 0003h          console app 
000000DE DIICharacteristics            h2 0000h 
000000EO SizeOf.StackReserve           h8 1000000h 
000000E8 SizeOfStackCommit             h8 1000h 
000000FO SizeOfHeapReserve             h8 100000h 
000000F8 SizeOfHeapCommit              h8 1000h 
00000100 LoaderFlags                   h4 00000000h 
00000104 NumberOfRvaAndSizes           4 16 
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