Phix 1.0.1 uploaded

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Usual place: (1.0.0 notes: )

builtins\complex.e -- deep_copy rqd (bugfix) 
builtins\dict.e -- putd forwarding "tid=1" instead of just "tid" 
builtins\mpfr.e -- mpz_set_v, mpz_and, mpz_invert, mpfr_get_d_2exp, mpfr_const_euler 
builtins\pApply.e -- now a proper p2js autotranspile 
builtins\extract.e -- now returns string/sequence 
builtins\pfactors.e -- new mpz_prime_powers() routine 
builtins\pflatten.e -- join() now has an optional lastdelim parameter 
builtins\pipeio.e -- windows-only named pipe routines, not yet documented, 
                  --  and will remain so until they also work on Linux. 
builtins\ppp.e -- pp_IntCh now defaults to false, so you get 65 not 65'A'. 
builtins\prnd.e -- new rand_range() function 
builtins\punique.e -- made p2js compatible 
builtins\sockets.e -- closesocket() now a function 
builtins\sort.e -- sort_columns() needed a deep_copy() 
builtins\to_int.e -- to/is_integer() now have optional base=10 parameter 
builtins\unit_test.e -- made p2js compatible 
builtins\VM\pcall(/pc)func.e -- safe_mode mods 
builtins\VM\pDiagN.e -- disable safe_mode on crash 
builtins\VM\pprntfN.e -- %[idx] subscripted arg handling (see docs) 
                      -- eg/esp print a date() w/o having to reorder it. 
new builtins\glmath.e 
new builtins\hmac.e 
new builtins\IupGraph.e 
new builtins\IupRawStringPtr.e -- (moved out of pGUI.e for safe mode handling) 
new builtins\opengl.e -- (stub link to demo\pGUI\opengl.e) 
new builtins\sha1.e 
new builtins\sha512.e 
new builtins\unix_dict.e -- (mainly for the benefit of p2js) 
new demo\pGUI\HelloF.exw -- proper desktop/WebGL demo 
new demo\pGUI\opengl.e 
demo\pGUI\IupSampleDialog.exw -- much work to do, but slowly getting there 
demo\rosetta\15_puzzle_game_in_3D.exw -- p2js compatible 
for loop vars are now "resurrected" rather than replicated in the symbol 
table, which means you no longer get ex.err files with 17 'i' entries. 
new eval() function, see docs (if you don't like it, tough) 
significant updates to OpenGL/WebGL docs 
IupGetAttribute() now has a default, mainly for the benefit of p2js 
IupGetBrother() now has a bPrev parameter, to get previous element 
IupGetIntInt() added 
IupTable: data[2] can now contain simple format strings 
"with safe_mode" and/or "p -safe" for running untrusted code 
join() now has optional override for last delimiter, eg ", and " 
p2js: replaced all use of charCodeAt() with codePointAt() 
"static" deprecated (it never worked anyway) 
"continue" is now officially deprecated, although it still works 
            (As Douglas Crockford says "I have never seen a piece of  
             code that was not improved by refactoring it to remove  
             the continue statement.", and I have to agree.) 
pwa\p2js.js : replaced factors/sum/produc/find/match/apply with their 
              auto-transpiled versions, added dummy utf8_to_utf32 and 
pwa\pGUI.js : more changes than you can shake a stick at, including: 
    IupsetGlobalFunction(IDLE_ACTION), IupS/GetAttributeId(list_id), 
    IupSetAttributePtr, IupSetDouble, IupSetAttributeHandle(MENU), 
    IupSetCallbacks, IupClipboard(?), IupRefresh[Children], IupText, 
    IupSetFocus, IupGetChild[Count], IupGetClassName, IupGetFocus, 
    IupGetDialogChild, IupGetParent, IupGetBrother, IupDatePick, 
    IupFlush, IupFrame, IupList, Iup[Sub]Menu[Item], IupSeparator, 
    IupMultiBox, IupProgressBar, IupSplit, IupTableGetSelected, 
    IupTableClearSelected, IupTableClick_cb, IupTabs, IupRadio, 
    IupValuator, [[hsv_]to_]rgb, cdCanvasActivate, cdCanvasPixel, 
    cdDe/EncodeColour[Alpha], cdCanvasArc/Sector/Chord/Circle/Clear/ 
    IupTimer,glAttachShader..Viewport, IupDraw*,  
    and adding but completely messing up the resize handling... 

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