Orx Wrapper Hurdles

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Hello all,

As I was writing the wrapper for Orx I came across the most obvious hurdle. The init and execute functions needed for Orx are not in the Orx DLL as they are called as Inline functions and not exported to the DLL. So without those, Orx won't start even with other commands that have init functions. There may be a way with ifdef statements, but I haven't tried yet. If anyone could help or has a solution, please let me know. Otherwise I'm not sure how feasible this wrapper may be to continue.


static orxINLINE void orx_Execute(orxU32 _u32NbParams, orxSTRING _azParams[], const orxMODULE_INIT_FUNCTION _pfnInit, const orxMODULE_RUN_FUNCTION _pfnRun, const orxMODULE_EXIT_FUNCTION _pfnExit) 

ifdef orx_Eexcute then 
   --I'm not sure how to trasnalte this to eu code 
end ifdef 

I already have some functions already wrapped.

public constant xorxClock_Setup = define_c_proc(orx,"+orxClock_Setup",{}), 
				xorxClock_Init = define_c_func(orx,"+orxClock_Init",{},C_UINT), 
				xorxClock_Exit = define_c_proc(orx,"+orxClock_Exit",{}) 
public procedure orxClock_Setup() 
end procedure 
public function orxClock_Init() 
 return c_func(xorxClock_Init,{}) 
end function 
public procedure orxClock_Exit() 
end procedure 
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