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Icy_Viking said...
petelomax said...

I put another demo online:
(corresponding to

If anyone has any ideas about how to resize the canvas like it does on the desktop, let me know.

That's pretty neat. I thought about writing an updated Turtle wrapper for Euphoria.

I think turtle graphics are a vastly under-utilised concept. I wrote my own turtle-like language which I use to generate the text labels on 'HotButtons' for my ORAC programs.

The basic vector commands are scaled by a user-controlled factor. Also, the drawing point (normally a 1x1 pixel block) can be changed to better suit any large scaling factors.

I had plans to develop a pixel-perfect integer-scaled font system but just never got around to finishing it [as suggested by the mildly imperfect example]. If your main goal in a text label is functionality why bother with umpteen different font styles and having to drag along a whole bunch of complicated bezier curves and spline rendering code to make it all happen? Here are some sample definitions [they use shortcuts added to the original turtle commands]:

new( "A : s03 r24 s02 s11 s22 s31 s45") 
new( "B : r22 s03 r22 s03 s22 s31 s41 s51 s31 s41 s51 j21" ) 
new( "C : j24 j01 s51 s62 s71 s04 s11 s22 s31 j45" ) 

Each leading 'word' could be considered the label of a subroutine. They may be interspersed with native commands to leverage existing primitive shapes. Eg, "m : n n" would [more-or-less] render m and "theta : O j65 -" would render Ɵ whereever 'theta' was invoked etc. There are some conventions to follow and a few limitations but the result is highly functional for my purposes.


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