Re: Freeglut Wrapper?

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ghaberek said...
ChrisB said...

So here's the challenge to you Andy (as this is above my ability / time availability), create an all in one development system, using, and hiding, ONE of the libraries you have created (so as not to dilute, complicate,confuse), that uses Eu as it's language.

Typically SDL is a good base for a game engine, as it's cross-platform but only provides the lowest-level bits, leaving the rest of the features to be written directly in the native language (physics, assets, rendering, etc.)

You could combine that with an immediate mode GUI like Nuklear if you want to create an actual game editor interface.


I'll probably take a crack at the freeglut wrapper after I'm done with my current project. I'd be intersted in wrapping Nuklear, but its only a header file. It probably wouldn't be too difficult to make it a DLL. Though the structs in it may prove cumbersome. The Orx engine wrapper will have to be put on hold for now. Though I guess I could wrap the functions in the Orx DLL and then convert the inline functions to Eu code at a later date, but that will/would all come later.

EDIT: Thanks for the support and encouragement, Chris. I have thought about doing a Vulkan Wrapper, but it would be a lot of work(lots of structs and low-level routines). Though it is something I may attempt at a later time.

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