Re: Possible Orx Game Engine Wrapper

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Icy_Viking said...

Hello all,

I recently came across this game engine. Its called Orx. Its written in C, but can be used with CPlusplus. It has a portable architecture. I was wondering if I could get some feedback on how feasible it would be to make a wrapper in Eu for this game engine? I glanced over some code and it doesn't look like it would be too difficult, but I'd like to hear what others think.

Two major hurdles I'm seeing here:

  • Calling convention: Most of the library functions are declared using the fastcall convention, which Euphoria isn't currently built to handle (we only support stdcall and cdecl). It's possible this might only be the case when compiling the library statically so that it's embedded into the resulting executable and the shared library might still be using stdcall or cdecl. I haven't dug through the code enough to tell yet. The good news is that all those different conventions only affect x86 and on x64 there's just "the x64 calling convention" so it should work fine if you stick to 64-bit Euphoria (which you should!).

  • Inline functions: Some functions of the library are declared inline which means they're always compiled directly into the executable and don't get exported (or even compiled into) the shared library. You could either unmark these as inline and rebuild the library or reconstruct them directly in Euphoria. Unfortunately the orx_Execute function is marked inline, and it's literally the first function you need to bootstrap a program.


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