Re: Suggestions for improving the forum

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GreenEuphorian said...

Here is my wishlist:

Dark mode

Phix sub forum

Notification via email of thread replies

Daily/weekly digest of new threads via email

I believe these have all been suggested before, many times. Also suggested was people self-tag like Pete (and a few other people) does with his [Phix] tags on the subject lines. Because....

ChrisB said...

One small step at a time!

What we all need to remember is that the forum is written in Eu (and other stuff, see the about website at the bottom), and is a small team of developers who have other lives, so changes are necasserily slow.

, which is of course all true. Except the small steps and necasserily(?) parts. I suspect OE may need to evolve in leaps and bounds to stay active, based on OE source code files to add features, written by us mere users/lusers, and this includes this forum. Over a decade ago (in the dark ages before OE) i wrote search code for an irc bot, but it involved http proxies written in PHP and mIRC and such things not available in Euphoria. Someone needs to write a complete forum starting with this forum's open source code, with the desired changes, solely in OE code, and run it in parallel with this forum, people might be allowed to vote on features, and then give the source to whoever is the appointed dev at the time. And they can shoot it all down, and you are back to square one.


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