Re: [phix] what is a hybrid interpreter compiler?

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euphoric said...
katsmeow said...

I've been hoping Eu would greatly improve, become a shining light in the dark, for over 20 years now, with attempts to copy a few features here and there. It's simply not going to happen.

Have you ever dabbled in any other languages over that time? I've programmed in PHP, Node.js, and some C#, all of which (well, except PHP) that let me do something that (at the time) I couldn't do with Euphoria.

Pascal for many years, PHP on a remote server, mirc of course. Different Basics starting in ~1978. Z80, 8035, 6502, 8086 machine code. Too many incompatable versions of Python. Lua and Scheme and Haskel made me concentrate more on the programming language than on the task. And whatever that was HP used on their industrial contollers. Also projects that used 100's of ttl and ecl per project, and IEEE-488/HPIB "language" back in the day.

Also... jimcbrown , the shared vars could have been used to let OE execute strings, which was roundly shot down more than once.

And it would have been a patch for compiled programs that use http.e, which blocks, and won't run compiled if tasks are used. So if the incoming data in http.e was assigned to a shared variable in http.e, it would automagically appear in a non-blocking way in the main program as http.e recieved it. I was/am plenty happy running Eu as interpreted or bound.


I pinned enough hope on Eu that the cluster i built, with spares, totalled 14 P4 desktops, stuffed with as much ram and hdds as they'd take. And gigabit lan. I replaced it with five i5 machines and a i7 a few years ago. I admit i still have two P4 runnng. I have not disassembled all the P4 yet, but there's 48 330GB hdds in a box under the table. It's all such a waste.

I'm in my 60's. No one is going to improve OE enough in the time i have left.

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