Re: Phix Struct to Euphoria

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Icy_Viking said...

Is there any chance of the struct feature in Phix to be added to Euphoria in the next release? Or something similar?

I'd like to merge in Matt's memstruct branch but there are a few TODO items in c_struct.e that need addressing first. I haven't been able to get to these yet. I detailed my plans here: Roadmap42.

Icy_Viking said...

I know it has been discussed before, but having some sorta of struct support in Euphoria would do wonders when wrapping libraries.

Agreed. I think it's crucial to the continued life of Euphoria. We also need some more modern features in the standard library, like JSON, XML, GUI, etc.

Icy_Viking said...

Also, is the next release of Euphoria coming soon?

I don't know. Lately I think I've been the only one trying to keep the language moving and I haven't been able to accomplish much. Shawn's apparently still picking away at things but I haven't been able to address his pull requests either.

This whole pandemic shutdown has been pretty taxing on me as well since I've had to convert to working at home and that does not bode well for my ADHD. Now it's even harder to get things done since I almost never leave the house.

But the truth of the matter remains as it's been for a long time now: unless we can get some more volunteers to step up and contribute to developing the language, I can't say for sure when we'll see another release.


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