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Yes it is, but gmail has been acting up up for a few days - just replied to your query, as follows:

Thanks, but not just yet. I am in the process of trying to build and upload the other 994 pages. Right now I am neck-deep down the rabbithole of an html parser...

In the short term you should expect the wiki will likely be replaced wholesale fairly often, and before I have managed to perfect the process outlined below, no doubt several edits will/would be lost.

In the long term, the process/workflow will be as follows: I will upload the wiki and keep a copy, possibly in a private repo. Periodically I will check the "Recent changes" and/or download the lot and compare/push to my private repo, replicating any changes to the master copy. Every so often, when I think I have caught/applied all changes, I will/may regenerate/reupload the entire wiki, or perhaps just those pages I have changed locally (which should be easily determined by filedate).

One alternative could be to make the wiki the master, however that would overly impact my usual workflow (I do a ton of global searches and have been known to rebuild phix.chm 20 times per hour), which would be rather annoying given that I must have a local backup copy anyway, plus I have some concerns over adequate vetting.

Equally valid would be cloning the phix bitbucket repository and pushing changes to docs/phix/src, but I doubt that would be any better or more popular.

In short, it would be my job to catch any changes anyone makes.


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