Re: [docs] Any ideas on using Google Docs for collaboration?

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irv said...

Why the insistence on making what should be a collaborative effort darn near impossible for anyone to use?

That's like asking, "Why force us to breathe oxygen?"

It's just the way the system is set up for now.

I'm sure Greg is working on a way that allows better collaboration for the docs, but we're having to deal with how it works now.

irv said...

In addition, if I change the source code, what are the chances that my changes will be incorporated into the release?

High, if the changes are good.

irv said...

If I create tickets, what are the chances that something will actually be done about the problem?

Medium to high.

irv said...

Worst of all - what are the chances that - by allowing me to modify the source code - I will introduce errors in Euphoria?

Zero to low. There is a testing framework in place that helps identify problems before they are incorporated. Greg should be able to speak more on this.

irv said...

What, may I ask, is wrong with letting people who actually care about correcting the documentation, correct the documentation without giving them a chance to damage working source code?

Nothing wrong with it. It's just not currently set up to work that way.

Changes made to the online docs or wiki cannot be (easily) incorporated into the 4.1.0 docs, so I'm just trying to prevent any wasted efforts (because this is a big effort). Again, Greg might have something else to say about that.

The ticketing system for documentation is the best place for that right now, just so we don't duplicate efforts and your efforts don't go to waste.

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