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euphoric said...
irv said...

For the past week or so, the docs have been available for editing by anyone who is registered here, and they are pretty easy to edit. I've fixed several (couple of dozen) - mostly std/console and std/convert, along with part of the "Welcome" pages.

Unfortunately, any changes to the wiki will not be included in the next release, as the actual docs are generated from the source.

Please don't waste too much time editing that stuff! I'd rather you be working on EuGTK. smile

You could also create a ticket for documentation issues, with one ticket covering an entire section of the manual.

Changes to the wiki will be part of the updated docs. It just means I will have lots of work. I will have to cut|paste the wiki changes to the source-code found at Github.

Getting "anyone and everyone" editing the wiki docs is great. The people submitting changes know much more about Euphoria and programming than I do. The effort is appreciated.

A "ticket" does not help in upgrading the docs. Editing the wiki is much more valuable.

The wiki is a crude tool for updating the docs. But, editing the source-code limits who can contribute, is even more work, and you can't see a preview of what the docs will look like without the eudoc|creole generation of html.

Github is were the docs will be preserved. The wiki is how they will be improved.


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