Re: Fatal error when attempting to execute bear.ex from the EuGtk package

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Great! Glad to hear that you got it running.

Any time you want to make suggestions please feel free.

As for the documentation, I probably should just package it separately, so people can put it wherever they wish. But currently, the docs have links to various demo programs, so that if you're viewing the docs with the Bear, you can load and execute the program directly from the links. Getting that to work when things are moved or installed in unknown locations is likely to be difficult.

Now, a question about Debian - twice I have tried to install, it goes through all the steps, then presents a message: Unable to complete installation.

I can look at the partition where it was installed, and the files are there. Debian offered to save an installation log in /mnt, but there are no files in /mnt. Don't know where to go from here.

Edit: I looked at the /usr/share/gtk-doc/html folder in Debian. While it does contain some documentation on clutter-gtk, gtksourceview, the glade user interface, etc. nowhere there are the actual GTK3 docs that you need for programming in GTK3. Possibly because the installation never finished?

At any rate, distros such as Mint Linux don't have that folder, and I've not found the docs anywhere else after some searching. Seems best to have the latest docs anyway, since they may contain bug reports and corrections to documentation that were only discovered *after* people started using the release.

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