Re: Fatal error when attempting to execute bear.ex from the EuGtk package

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Output the variable as suggested and it printed a large number which I assumed to be a memory address/pointer so that looked good as per your explanations. So I decided to ensure that my copy of Euphoria was installed correctly (the 4.1.0 beta version as advised) and so removed the directory completely and set it up again. Re-ran bear.ex and for reasons I cannot work out it now works and I have a running copy of bear ! Maybe I had an error in a configuration file. Anyway all solved. Sorry if I wasted any of your time.
With regards to your question re ifconfig, I think you'd be safe in assuming all Linux distributions have it. The location of the file may differ though as standardisation of directories is not perfect. From memory I'm sure I have some C++ lying around that splits an environment variable on the path separator and for each path in the list looks to see if the specified file is there and if so returns it. I'll hunt for it this afternoon and see if I can make it more generic and when happy with the C++ I'll have a go at converting it to Euphoria. If all goes well I'll post it here and if you like it you can use it in GtkEngine.e
Also with respect to the documentation, you are correct in that it does not work properly. On Linux the user would not download the documentation and unpack it to /gtk3 as the gtk3 documentation is contained within a package that would be installed via the package manager. Under Debian it is /usr/share/gtk-doc/html. Will try to find some time to look at that and see if there is a generic way of solving the problem.

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