Re: RedyCode 1.0.0 released!

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ChrisB said...


It has been remarked that I am trying to trash Ryan's RedyCode. That is utterly not my intention. It is a great piece of work, and believe me I know how much effort goes into these long projects, and how difficult it is to keep up the motivation to do it.

I unreservedly apologise if I have caused offence.

Having said that, this is a potential front end for Euphoria, and as such it might be the first point of contact a newcomer has to Euphoria and while seasoned Eu users may have no need for a bells and whistles GUI, newer (and dare I say it younger) programmers may look at the interface, think they can't make it black 'like python' and move on.

So when I approach this, I approach it like a newbie - clicking and cancelling, looking for demos, fiddling with IDE options and so on. If it crashes, I report it, not because I'm trying to trash it, but because I think it's worthwhile filing these rough edges off.

So, in order to cause no further potential offence, I will stp reporting the niggles, until Ryan has said it's ok - if he doesn't, fair enough I won't take it any further.

As ever, cheers


euphoric said...

I suspect Ryan very much appreciates the feedback. I haven't seen any trashing of it in this forum; in fact, the opposite. And Ryan has always requested critiques and suggestions for his project.

I suspect most programmers would love to have more feedback of their projects! That helps make our apps that much better!

I appreciate the feedback, positive and negative. The only annoyance is the HUGE screenshots in this thread, but that's partially the fault of how images are handled in this forum.

I'm well aware of a few crash bugs, visual bugs, and various glitches and shortcomings. I realized if i tried to fix all of them, it would never get released. So hopefully, it is good enough for now until I have more time to redesign some things. There are lots of ideas rolling around my head for version 2.0 that will allow HUGE improvements, but will require re-writing much code, so I decided not to go much further with this version, other than small improvements.

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