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_tom said...
ghaberek said...

Here's a quick mock up of the main page with a carousel and a few blurbs.


A conventional language is one that lacks the advantages found in oE or Phix.

oE|Phix are:

simple easier to learn, read, and write
small atoms and sequence do it all
generic operators and functions can work on all values
clean freeform syntax is uniform and predictable
flexible you can both interpret and compile source-code
dynamic mix data-types, mix small and huge, no performance penalty
fast quicker than interpreters for any common popular language
faster source-code can be compiled for performance and distribution
safe garbage collected, no pointers, index values are checked
versatile run on different operating systems and architectures
quantified benchmark speed, count features, ignore surprises and gotchas
fellowship oE, Phix, and legacy Eu
mongoose we have a nice mascot

If you value all of these features then there is only oE or Phix.

A bit much for a home page, but maybe we can use these ideas somewhere.

Reminds me of the Texas brag, which is outdone by the Alaska brag where everything is bigger.


The dynamic item is unclear to me. I think the safe item might emphasize the human friendly nature of indexes starting at 1, not 0.


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