Re: Problem with using ALT keys and/or CTRL keys with wxEuphoria

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ghaberek said...

We are an incredibly long way off from running Euphoria on Android. It's not impossible, but there are a lot of hoops to jump through to get there.

Plus, the wxAndroid port is still very immature and there's no guarantee it will ever be up to par with the main-line library.

If your goal is to write a single mobile/desktop cross-platform application, you're better off looking at a web-based solution like Electron or Cordova.


I like wxEuphoria, and am developing a simple editor using English, Hindi and Gujarati, simultaneously AND interchangeably. All the Indic languages are phonetic, derived from Sanskrit, and in Unicode, the characters are spaced multiple of 128 apart, such that the character m for example, Hindi "म" is exactly 128 * 3 = 384 characters away from the Gujarati "મ" and so on with most of the other Indic languages. So developing for the other Indic fonts will be easy, and transliteration simple. Androids was a thought. You will be surprised to know that literally everybody in India has a mobile phone, and a vast majority of them are Androids. They already have the Indic fonts on the Androids. Mine will just be an addition but with full transliteration capability. When the time comes I will switch platforms. I am a seasoned programmer and languages are not a challenge - "C and C plus plus" ARE a challenge and I avoid them as far as possible!

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