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(Continued onto a second post since apparently I hit the maximum URL length for the server.)

lib9 said...

3. Is it possible to create graphics like these:

Did you know you have two number threes? Just sayin'.

There are a variety of methods you could use. Pretty much all of the available GUI toolkits have some basic graphical functions. Win32Lib, wxEuphoria, IUP, GTK, etc.

IF you want something a bit closer to what's shown in that video, I would recommend using dedicated 2D graphics library like Allegro, Cairo, or SDL.

lib9 said...

4. Is there support to load and save text files of CSV, XML and other formats?

CSV can be done pretty easy by just using something like read_lines() and keyvalues().

You could also throw together a function that loads a CSV file into a map. Did I mention I really love maps?

lib9 said...

5. I've read about the several GUI toolkits available. Later on I'll need one. Never done such thing, except in Red, is iup easy? Really didn't want to learn GTK as it seems a mammoth to me.

IUP is probably the simplest way to get a widely-featured cross-platform GUI. If you want something really simple with some basic graphics primitives, check out libui.

lib9 said...

6. The website seems to have contents outdated. Is version 4.1 stable or beta? seems to show 4.0.5 as stable. Is there no 4.1 for Linux x86_64? I come so?

To be honest, community participating has been slowing down over the past ten years since we released 4.0. We have a lot of data rot to deal with. We currently don't have any truly active developers.

I've been working diligently on Euphoria MVC in order to rewrite the website and provide some better tools for managing the whole site.

lib9 said...

7. After git cloning tried to build from sources but got an error.

Yeah... the builds are still kind of broken. Shawn and I had been working on that but he's not been around much and as mentioned, I've been working on Euphoria MVC. I thought I had it working though. Feel free create a new thread with the error message you're receving and I'll try to help.

lib9 said...

8. Is Phix able to execute faster and have less memory requirements than oE for the subject of my work?

They're going to be more-or-less the same over all. Phix is going to be faster overall since it's written in Assembly.

Phix also saves memory when using strings because it uses a dedicated string type instead of sequences, which always uses one integer per character.

lib9 said...

9. Followed the download instruction for Phix x86_64, but got a segmentation error. Raised an issue at Is Linux a second quality supported OS for either oE and Phix?

As Pete mentioned, he's one-man shop, but he still has one more developer than we do right now. tongue

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