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Being new at this, you'll really appreciate an editor that gives you as much help as possible.

Personally, I rate in order of importance: Euphoria-specific color coding, quick access to the Euphoria docs, and for the long programs I write, pop-up lists of functions (so I don't have to scroll up and down trying to find that function that needs attention).

Ease of use is also important, and almost any GUI editor beats a text-mode editor hands down in that regard. Being able to choose a font in the size and style that's most readable for you, having the commands available as menu items so you don't have to memorize key-combinations, and many other things make a big difference. Even if you're writing a program that will run in text mode!

On these points, WEE rates highest. And do not fear Eu 4.1 ~ the only actual bug I have found involves using the switch function with the switch value being a function call: e.g.:

  switch sin(x) do -- this can cause problems! 

Such a thing should be rare indeed, and is easily avoided.

As for other editors, Geany, gedit, xed, etc. can be made to work, and I use them at times, but there are a couple of extra steps needed to set them up for Euphoria. Documentation and the required files are part of my EuGTK package, in the resources folder.

(EuGTK comes with two editors - both have Eu color coding and can test-run programs by clicking a button. One is also very good for viewing & editing html pages)

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