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_tom said...

I called the Public Health Department and got the official answer.

They have a disclaimer about "check the expiry date" before mixing.

I found a 3M report that the loss can be 50% at the end of a year. Public Health tells people to only buy what they need in the short run.

The reality is that they use test strips to measure the actual concentration. So health inspectors will check how the mixture is made, they measure, and advise.


Thanks _Tom

I am going to have to mull over this for a while to figure out how I can improve my little program to take into consideration the information you have brought to our attention:

  • The dilution factor could range from 20%-50% annually.
  • Best to buy in quantities that will be "consumed" quickly.
  • Testing degradation/reporting concentration: 1 g/m3 = 1 mg/L = 1 ppm = 0.0001% 1% = 10000ppm
  • Home Testing strips report 1 - 10 ppm? Not much help, except for testing drinking water.
  • Some Bleach bottles do not have an expiration date - best not to buy them I suppose.

I guess I could add another option to the command line allowing the user to input an annual degradation percentage in excess of 20% up to 50% - and adjust the daily degradation rate accordingly.

I'm not sure how to treat expiration dates. The Anasept 0.057% solution had an expiration date which led me to believe it was about 24 months from the "inception" date. But does that mean the solution would hold a minimum concentration of 0.057% until the expiration date?

All comments are appreciated...

Ken Rhodes

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