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Marvelous! We can have context sensitive tool tips I hadn't realized how flexible the can be.

For what it is worth, I was able to eliminate the need for the "OK" button by adding the argument "$changed=Convert" to the GtkEntry for the value to convert and the ComboBox's for input and output units. Any change in any value causes the result box to update without automatically. So, I deleted the "OK" button.

I think I may have mentioned before that with some of your demo programs will generate "out of scope" error when translated & compiled on my system. IN the case of your convert.ex program a box pops up with the title "Warning" and displays the message:

function Update is not in scope 
make it global or link via _("Update) 

This doesn't make since because the function "Update" is declared as global. I have no idea how to implement the link instruction. The executable file will run, but will display the warning/error message each time. The program code executes perfectly without error messages when run from the interpreter.

In your rewrite of my clumsy convert unit code the Update function did not require the argument "ctl" and the program compiles and runs with no error message. So is the problem with the version GTK installed on my Ubuntu system? Or with the OpenEu translate/Compile Code?

This process has been very instructive. Now I think I am thinking about rendering a version of my Geodesic Dome program in EuGTK. smile

So, once again, many thanks, Irv!

Ken Rhodes

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